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Dear Food Club members,

The Kirkby Lonsdale Food Club has had its first anniversary! Our first food club session was on the 26th of July 2020 with just 12 members and has grown into the 80+ members we have today! Food Club was started with FareShare primarily to help reduce food poverty, as well as tackling food waste, through the Community Cupboard. The money that you put towards your weekly food bag goes towards buying extra trays to fill the Community Cupboard stock as well as towards reducing the cost of meals for Families and older folks through our Community Meals. As we move forward into our second year, we are introducing some changes that we feel are necessary, that reflect the experiences and growth that has happened within both the Food Club and Community Cupboard. We ask that you give your confirmation to the changes outlined in this Membership Agreement to continue with us into the second year of Food Club.

If you have any queries, please contact our Coordinator Isabelle Bradshaw (she/her), by email, by phone 07827974779, or in person.


  • The cost of weekly bags will increase to a minimum of £4 from £3, this will be to help support the Community Cupboard and its ventures, helping us work towards being financially independent. We feel this price increase is still a good deal for bags of food that can be around £35 (from food bag on 8th July 2021). To keep in line with the purpose of FareShare, we will be offering food bags for Community Cupboard members at a discounted rate of £2 per month.
    • Full Membership (every week) – £4 a week, £16 every 4 weeks or £17.33 every calendar month.
    • Half Membership (every 2 weeks) – £4 a week, £8 every 4 weeks or £8.66 every calendar month.
    • Community Cupboard Membership (every week) – £2 a week, £8 every 4 weeks or £8.66 every calendar month.
    • To pay by cash – please pay in an envelope (can be used) with your name and date on)
    • To pay online – Please include your NAME and “FC” as your reference and pay on a MONTHLY basis. Bank account details: Sort code 01-54-90/ Account no. 71838015/ Name The community cupboard
  • Members will need to commit to a minimum of 8 volunteering sessions a year as part of your membership. These sessions can be carried out any time during the year and will include any volunteering within the Community Cupboard organisation, including the Community Cupboard, Community Lunches, Community Hub, and the main committee members. These include jobs that can be carried out remotely or as you collect your bag. If you have never volunteered before and would like to volunteer with a friend, please do get in touch with the coordinator, Isabelle Bradshaw, to arrange this. Alternatively, we can pair you up with someone who has volunteered before and show you the ropes! Currently, we are relying on the same rotation of volunteers, leaving no space for them to take a week off. We need our members to volunteer so we can keep Food Club running as a self-help cooperative, run by members for members.
  • Annual membership fees will be renewed at the start of August each year, for all members, and paid according to the current length of membership. For example, those receiving food for the last year will pay the full £6, whereas those receiving food for the last 6 months will only pay £3.
  • We will be continuing with an opt-out system each week via the link given each Monday by email as well as in the group description of the WhatsApp group. You are responsible for the collection of your own bag, either by collecting yourself or asking someone to collect on your behalf. Members who do not opt out of the food bag, and do not collect their food bag (are a no show), will still be charged for that week, as the bag will have been made up and extra time will have to be spent unpacking it and processing the spare food. In the case of three no shows, membership will be stopped and put on the waiting list if they wish to re-join.
  • Members will need to bring back the KLCC strong, reusable bags every week to ensure we have enough to pack each week.
  • Current COVID measures will be kept in place and enforced even with the government easing of lockdown rules. These include wearing of masks over the mouth and nose, social distancing of 2m, regular use of hand sanitiser and wearing of aprons when unpacking and packing food. Members will be informed of any changes to these guidelines in the future.
  • IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH THE NEW COSTS OR VOLUNTEERING, please do get in touch with the coordinator, Isabelle Bradshaw, or, if you feel more comfortable, one of the Subcommittee members listed below. The aim of these changes is to help make the food club and Community Cupboard a more sustainable, long lasting organisation, not to exclude members of the community from enjoying the benefits of the Food Club. We aim for Food Club to be accessible for everyone.


We look forward to another successful year of Food Club with you!

Many thanks from the Kirkby Lonsdale Food Club Subcommittee:

Isabelle Bradshaw (Coordinator)                                 Dawn Barry

Neil Anderson                                                                Sabine Janowitz

Wendy Ireland                                                               Tess Pike 

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This Food Club is for Kirkby Lonsdale and surrounding villages – if you’d like to look into setting up your own Food Club in your local area, we’d be more than happy to help you get started, please email