Budget Coaching 

Being in control of your finances can make a huge difference to your well-being – whether it be to save or preventing debt. Kirkby Lonsdale Community Cupboard now have a member of our team trained as a budget coach to help residents of Kirkby Lonsdale and the surrounding areas to put together your own budget.

We cannot offer debt advice as this is a regulated service but can refer you if needed.

What is a budget?

A budget is a list of all the money you receive and all the things you spend money on every month.

Why should I bother?

Making a budget is the first step towards taking control of your finances. Budgeting helps you to see where your money is going, so it’s easier to make sure that you’ve covered all of the things you need to pay for.

Whether you’re worried about missing important payments, or simply wanting a clearer picture of your finances, there are lots of benefits to making a budget. A budget can help you find ways to save money. You may also find that you’re spending more than you thought on interest and charges for credit cards, overdrafts or other contracts.

How and where?

Our trained budget coach is usually available at Community Lunches on Mondays and once a month at our Community Cafe. Please check our calendar for availability.