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Our Mission, Goals, & Values

 In these uncertain times, many people are struggling to make ends meet, including people who may never have needed help before. Replicating initiatives that are popping up across the country The Community Cupboard has been set up for those in Kirkby Lonsdale and surrounding communities.

The Community Cupboard enables our community to support each other, as summed up in our motto “Bring what you can, take what you need”. Our mission is to alleviate food poverty, period poverty and reduce food waste. Our values are to be respectful of all, maintaining confidentiality and dignity at all times.

The Community Cupboard is supported by the Kirkby Lonsdale Community Hub, Cumbria County Council, Kirkby Lonsdale Town Council, Churches in Lunesdale and local schools and businesses.

Who is it for

Anyone and everyone who needs a helping hand through choppy waters. Many people will be struggling with their money in a way they have never done before – people who have lost their jobs, people who are recently self-employed, people on zero-hour contracts, people on furlough who have seen a big drop in their income. The Community Cupboard is also here to help reduce food waste from local businesses and residents, redistributing surplus food.



The Community Cupboard officially opened 18th May 2020, making up  food parcels for collection in and around the town. In the near future we intend for The Community Cupboard to be open at specific times during the week so that you can come in person and pick up what you need, subject of course to social distancing measures.



The Community Cupboard is located in the Kirkby Lonsdale Rugby Club, with the weekly Food Club being hosted in the marquee to the side of the main building. Parking available outside.

What will you need

This is made as easy as possible. To register complete the form below or call the Hub. You will be asked for your name and home address. A contact number (preferably mobile) to send a text if opening times or if changes arise. Household size, number and ages of any children in your household, and if anyone has any food allergies or dietary restrictions. No money will be asked for but when times pick up and you feel able please give back to the Community Cupboard in any way you see fit.

Period Poverty

The Cupboard also aims to tackle Period Poverty. Period Poverty is a growing issue for girls and young women, especially in the current crisis. Whilst schools remain closed there is no easy access to free sanitary supplies. That’s why Cumbria County Council and South Lakeland District Council are working collaboratively to make sure free sanitary products are available for those who need. These will be available from The Cupboard from early next week (14th May) onwards and also after the schools go back from QES and St Mary’s Primary school students.

How do I access help

To manage the volume of need – as yet unknown – and to keep volunteers and households  safe, it is necessary to register by filling out the form below.

Alternatively, call The Hub on 015242 36404 (open Mon-Fri from 10:00 – 13:00) and they will register your over the phone.

Confidentiality will be respected, and deliveries made anonymously. An individual reference number will be applied to your first request, which you can use for future requests.

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Apart from giving using the collecting boxes you can might wish to make a financial donation. Please contact us using the details on the contact page for further details, and thank you to everyone for your ongoing donations.


Ensuring every household has food to put on their tables 


Free sanitary products are always available 


Reduce the amount of food that goes into the bin


Smoothing out the ups and downs of life

Where to donate

Collection boxes currently at Cowan Bridge Stores, The Churchmouse at Barbon and in St Mary’s church porch. If you work somewhere that would be happy to house a collection box please get in touch as we would like to spread collection points as widely as possible. No collections will be wasted as excess goods will be passed on to neighbouring pop up pantries and food banks.
This initiative has been established to work alongside current Food Banks and sharing initiatives to alleviate the pressure being put on their resources and reduce the need to travel during Covid 19 pandemic.

What to donate

We’re happy to receive any of the donations listed in the shopping list below, but this week we’d especially welcome cleaning products, cheese crackers, lunchbox items and stock cubes.

Our Shopping List 

Tinned Foods

baked beans, tomatoes, fish

vegetables, kidney beans, butter beans, soup

fruit, custard, rice pudding


pasta, rice, biscuits

soup, dried beans, lentils

angel delight, jelly cubes


curry sauce, pasta sauce

coffee, honey and jam


breakfast cereals, porridge oats


long-life milk, fruit juice


soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet rolls, nappies

Cleaning Products

washing up liquid, washing powder

Pet food

tins or bags

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

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