Our Policies

Adult Safeguarding Policy

The policy exists to ensure that Kirkby Lonsdale Community Cupboard (KLCC) implements appropriate arrangements, systems and procedures to ensure that the organisation has the right skills, means and resources to protect and safeguard adults and the children of adults who use our services. KLCC recognises safeguarding means protecting an adult’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.

Dignity at Work Policy

We are committed to creating and fostering a culture that promotes respect for each other and values individual differences. There is no place for any form of harassment, victimisation or bullying within KL Community Cupboard, Hub and Lunches.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Our Equality and Diversity Policy sets out our commitment to creating an inclusive environment for everyone who works within, volunteers for, and accesses Kl Community Cupboard, Food Club, Hub and Lunches. We are committed to encouraging equality and diversity among our committee/s, wider workforce (employed and/or self employed), volunteers and those that access our services, and eliminating unlawful discrimination.

Health and Safety Policy

Our health and safety policy is there to prevent accidents and cases of ill-health as well as to manage health and safety risks in various locations.

Social Media Policy

KL Community Cupboard, food club, hub and Community Lunches uses social media in its work and recognises that those who are involved in its work may also use social media, either as part of their role or in their private lives.

Volunteer Policy

The Volunteer Policy recognises the significant and valuable role volunteers play in supporting the residents of our local community. This policy reflects our commitment to volunteering at the Community Cupboard and sets out a framework of procedures and best practices, which we will endeavour to follow when recruiting and working with our volunteers, to ensure that both volunteers’ and The Community Cupboard’s expectations are met.

Volunteer Employee Issue Resolution Policy

At KL Community Cupboard, Food Club, Hub and Lunches we want everyone who volunteers or works with us to enjoy their experience, and to feel supported to discuss and resolve any day-to-day queries or issues as they arise.
We also have an expectation regarding the suitability, performance and conduct of everyone who volunteers or works with us to help us meet our objectives. The purpose of this policy is to provide you and your coordinator/line manager with a policy that sets out a process and procedure through which any issues can be aired and addressed, and which will seek to find the most appropriate resolutions.