Community Cupboard would welcome donations…

Collection boxes currently at Spar, Boots the chemist, Cowan Bridge Stores and in St Mary’s church porch. If you work somewhere that would be happy to house a collection box please get in touch as we would like to spread collection points as widely as possible. No collections will be wasted as excess goods will be passed on to neighbouring pop up pantries and food banks. (in date and unopened please):
This initiative has been established to work alongside current Food Banks and sharing initiatives to alleviate the pressure being put on their resources and reduce need to travel during Covid 19 pandemic.

Shopping List

Tinned baked beans tomatoes vegetables fruit
Tins of fish
Tins of kidney beans/butter beans
Dried beans and lentils
Tins of soup
Tins of custard rice pudding
Angel Delight Jelly cubes
Jars of pasta curry sauce
Bags of pasta rice
Boxes of breakfast cereal, Weetabix, Cheerios, porridge oats,
Long-life milk
Jars of coffee
Boxes of teabags
Jars of honey and jam
Packets of biscuits
Soap, shampoo, toothpaste
Washing up liquid
Washing powder
Toilet rolls
Pet food